Aug 31, 2005

State Slogans

Funny State Slogans For USA:
Indiana: 2 Billion Years Tidal Wave Free
Idaho: More Than Just Potatoes. Well Okay, Not Really, But The Potatoes Sure Are Real Good
Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes And 10,000,000,000,000 Mosquitoes
Mississippi: Come And Feel Better About Your Own State
Wyoming: Where Men Are Men (And The Sheep Are Scared)


Indiana: We keep Ohio and Illinois from touching each other [Eric]
Wyoming: Where the men are men and the women are too [Karen]

How about funny state slogans for India?
( my creations :-) )

Tamil Nadu: We vote for movie stars only.
Andhra Pradesh: White frame sun glasses and shiny white shoes are cool.
Kerala: 'Freedom' of using a lungi.
Karnataka: Wat'dya mean Indian culture, dude?
Rajasthan: We don't drink coffee with camel's milk.
Maharashtra: You'll die for your love? We'll help.
Uttar Pradesh: Worried about the past. Never about the future.
Bihar: Beware!
Kashmir: Dive or die
West Bengal: Fish is a vegetable
Punjab: Where there is a Sardharji, there is a ...

[This is a work in progress... please let your creative juices flow and comment here!]

Free ASP.NET Training

Microsoft is offering a $349 course for free until Nov 6, 2005.
It is 17 hours of hands-on self-paced ASP.NET training.

You can make use of this opportunity.

[Thanks to Mallik]

Aug 30, 2005

'Holi' Moly!

I didn't know that men are beaten up by their wives on Holi celebration! My colleague Lenny had seen it on TV.. It seems they showed women wacking their husbands really aggressively with thick and fearsome sticks! The wives were going for the head mostly! I have always thought of Holi as a friendly festival of colors. I didn't know this "violence" part. Apparently, the men are well padded. But who knows! Anyways, I googled for it...

I guess this husband-beating brings down the murder rate. Which wife would kill a husband she could beat up into pulps every year? :-D

Aug 29, 2005

Back With A Vengeance

Done with my pouting!

Stroll in Alki Beach (West Seattle) was wonderful - it did help :) We did a lot of kayaking on sunday in the Lake Washington. Besides that, played lot of racquet ball.

I just love playing racquet ball. But I got beaten up pretty badly by my friend today :) Not just badly - really badly!... Need to work on my game big time. :-)

You should be seeing a lot more posts over the next few days. I will try to blog this (long) weekend too. The plan is to drive to Vancouver and Victoria (for the nth time for me) in Canada. Victoria, being an island, requires a ferry ride = really long wait times. It is a beautiful ride though... well worth the wait.

Speaking of Canada, Vancouver, BC is as beautiful as Seattle but with lesser rain. So many people like V,BC better. I love the rain as well as the sun. So I like both cities. They are just about 3 hours apart. But the drivers in the BC (British Columbia - the province in which Vancouver and Victoria are located) are more 'tame', you know what I mean... Canadian roads make great race tracks. On the trip to the Canadian Rockies (Banff) with my friends Gopi and Suresh, we broke speed limits and may be even speed records for that kind of car. No one ever honked. Once, in the middle of the night, we wondered how it would look if we drove with the head lights off. We turned it off and decided that it was a 'bad idea' and turned it back on. The cars ahead of us thought that we are signalling something and yielded to us almost immediately! Yeah thats what I meant when I said 'tame'. They must be great people! No wonder the crime rate is so low.

Eyes seem to close by themselves... c'ya!.. G'Nite.

[Photo credit :]

Aug 25, 2005

Excuse Me

Friend is leaving...

Don't want to be very dramatic about it... Am upset... Hope you will understand...

Please do come back in a day or two. Thanks!

Evens and Beginnings

Text version of Image Search
Creates images of whatever you say, using just text!

Kaleidoscope Painter
Anyone can be a painter with this tool! Whatever you draw is 'seen' through a kaleidoscope.

"Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend"
One guy explains scientifically....

Aug 24, 2005

Talk Google

Its one of the moments of pure happiness!
It is pretty basic though. Waiting for V2.0 already.
Add me even if you don't consider me as your friend. My Google ID is : kirubakaran
[Thanks to Vinod of IIITA]

Aug 23, 2005

'Make:' Up For It

Its my dream come true!

When my parents got me my Apple //c (I mentioned it in my previous post), it came with lots of magazines. I loved inCider, which had lots of programs that I can type in and run. My sister (she was 8 years old then) would read it to help me type faster. Those were Applesoft BASIC programs. My sister and I devised a way for her to tell me that the line ended without saying 'return' (so that I won't type the word 'return'). She would knock on the table with a bottle of gum that we had. I am digressing... Anyways, the story is, the good inCider magazine company was bought by the bad A+ magazine company and henceforth the magazines were filled with just advertisements :-( And 'Make:' by O'Reilly has compensated for that beautifully! God(force/source/universe/you-know-what-I-mean) bless them!

I am writing about it today coz I got hold of Vol. 03 today. I have devoured the first two volumes from cover to cover. Please tolerate my "hyper". It is easily mistaken as show-off. Anyways, I am not going to explain :-) I am simply too excited to speak properly.

Listing some topics from those volumes to pique your interest:
1. Life Hacks
2. Do-It-Yourself Cold Fusion
3. Turn a $10 single-use camera into a $20 reusable digital camera
4. DVD, Uncrippled
5. Hacking the dog
6. Ten cool Gmail hacks

See for yourself! Enjoy!!

Global Worming

If someone writes a worm that will propagate, lie really low and bring down the whole world down one fine wintry morning, what the hell will happen to life as we know it? The world would be wiped clean of data and everybody will dispute the back ups in every possible way...

We bet our life on softwares that have a pretty face. History laughs at the fate of men who did the same things in other areas of their lifes.

May be all of us will go back to farming and hunting... And may be it won't be that bad a thing! :-)

[Cassandra (daughter of my friend Karen) and I discussed this when we met at Meenakshi's house last sunday]
[Picture Credit :]

Holier than cow :)

I was going to write about how bad mannered people are really irritating me right this moment. It is amazing that I came across this quote just in time, before I could drive you away with my rants. It kinda freaked me out. It is as if Google indexed my thoughts! :)

"Good manners sometimes means simply putting up with other people's bad manners"

May be other people are just too polite to point out my bad manners.

[Picture Credit :]

Aug 22, 2005

Enhance Life

Credit :
[WARNING : The site possibly contains offensive language. Its funny though. I have not made it as a link for your 'safety' and inconvinience :)]

Aug 21, 2005



Google is one of my favs and in my opinion, the most interesting company.

Unfortunately, the share price has been falling. There are several things happening that might push the share price further south. But if you know Google, you will believe that they will be having several aces up their sleeves.

The (-) factors:
1. Google is planning to raise $4.2B through a secondary listing. This can flood the market.
2. Google might buy some company like Baidu. Acquisitions usually drive down the stock price of the buyer.
3. Starting tomorrow, the people who bought GOOG in the IPO can sell under 'long term capital gain' tax rate coz 1yr has gone by. This could encourage a massive sell-off.
4. Microsoft is getting into a street-fight with Google.

The (+) factors:
1. Google OS. Even an announcement is enough to make the stock price sky rocket
2. The countless Ph.D.s can't be sitting there doing nothing, right? :) We can soon expect a new product like Google Maps
{Update : Google Sidebar}
3. I really think we will soon get Google Instant Messenger, which would be way better than all the messengers currently available.

Should we consider this fall in price as a buying opportunity?

Aug 18, 2005


Lawyers have feelings too (allegedly).
If there is no God, who always pops up that next Kleenex?
The box said Windows 2000 or better. So I installed Linux.

People like you are the reason people like me need medication.
What would Scooby do?
The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.
Procrastinate now.

Do they ever shut up on your planet?
The trouble with life is there's no background music.
Whatever kind of look you were going for, you missed.
There's no place like

If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.
The trouble with the gene pool is that there's no lifeguard.
Out of my mind - back in five minutes.
Without ME, it's just AWESO.

Don't drink and drive. You might hit a bump and spill your drink.

Top 15 Exciting Things To Do With Linux

This is a post-in-progress. Comment in your suggestions...

Right now the list is in the order in which the points occured to me. When we settle down to the final 15, I'll sort them in ascending order of excitement.

I have started a discussion in the usenet about this.

F. [thinking...]

E. Get companies to donate old computers to schools, install Linux and "catch 'em young" [mani]

D. Develop a killer app for mobile devices using embedded Linux, such as Motorola E680i, NEC N900iL, Samsung Qtopia. It's only a matter of time! [Blood Money]

C. Experience the joy of introducing someone to Linux. [tvk] [me]

B. Explore the source. Seek out the adventures and solve the mysteries. [senthil] [me]

A. 'World Domination' [LT] [WS]

9. Build a cluster and lease it out as rendering machine to film makers. [mani]

8. Automate your home using even an i386 PC running Linux. Switch home appliances on and off securely from work using Internet. [mani]

7. Write a really cool code that can go into the next version of the kernel. It should be so good that Linus Torvalds mentions you in his posts.

6. Roll a distribution with user interface so impressive and innovative that Apple and Microsoft close their business down in shame.

5. Fortune away your time [senthil]

4. Install Linux on an iPod.
[But you need an iPod for this. So this not a very good idea for everyone]

3. Install Linux from scratch on an i386 PC.

2. Create a start-up recruiting college students to develop really sophisticated open-source software for Linux. Sell the software to ISRO/NASA/20th Century Fox/whatever and make millions.

1. Collect several trashed computers, cluster them together into one super-super-computer and solve a problem confounding scientists for decades. Win a nobel prize.

Aug 17, 2005

If Dogs Ruled...

Photoshop contest on the theme "If Dogs Ruled..." - Enjoyed it!

Aug 16, 2005

"Happy Birthday, India!"... from her friends...

Eric and Suzanna are colleagues of my friend Gopi. I will let the pictures speak.
They planned this a week in advance. There were many more treats :)
Their knowledge and interest about India is impressive. I don't know much about America right now - I should definitely learn more....

That brings us to my friend Mark. Man! He knows so much about India, her cultural diversity, history etc etc... He loves Indian food... He is fond of the Indian culture... He reads 'Times of India' more often than I do. It will take several posts to cover that topic!

Of Toasters And ... No, Just Toasters.

3 selections from the evergreen list:

If SAP made toasters
The manual to run the toaster would be approximately 10,000 pages long. The toaster would come with 2,500 switches which would all have to be set in an exact pattern and in a precise sequence in order to toast specific kinds of bread. Each pattern would be established by SAP's experts as the "Best Practices" method of toasting that kind of bread. It would take a team of basis and functional contractors about 1 year to configure the toaster in the best manner and then another 6 months to test it. In the meantime, your entire family would need to attend extensive training classes on how to use the new toaster. In order to support end users and consultants, MIT would establish a list-serv for people to post questions and answers regarding toaster set-up and operation. Of course, the online help would randomly pop up in German. But once it was running, you'd get the best toast in the world!

If Microsoft made toasters
Every time you bought a loaf of bread, you would have to buy a toaster. You wouldn't have to take the toaster, but you'd still have to pay for it anyway. Toaster '95 would weigh 15000 pounds (hence requiring a reinforced steel countertop), draw enough electricity to power a small city, take up 95% of the space in your kitchen, would claim to be the first toaster that lets you control how light or dark you want your toast to be, and would secretly interrogate your other appliances to find out who made them. Everyone would hate Microsoft toasters, but nonetheless would buy them since most of the good bread only works with their toasters.

If Linux guys made toasters
Anyone could build his/her own toaster from the spare parts in the garage, but people would still pay money for pre-built toasters. All the parts would be user serviceable, and the design plans would be freely downloadable. Instead of the complexity of having to push a button, you would simply type something like "toast-lightness?rk-bread-type=brown". The toaster would burn your toast by default, but once you enable the "don't-burn-my-toast" feature in "toaster.conf" (as described in the TOASTER-RTFM-HOWTO) it would toast reliably for years. People who eat Linux toast say that it is better than Windows toast.... And Microsoft would tell everyone that Linux Toast causes cancer.

Aug 15, 2005

Lake Union

We rented a boat this weekend and explored Lake Union.

Lake Union Boat Pic
The event was to honor the two soon-to-be cult-members, mentioned in my previous post. It was an excellent sunny day - which ( in addition to the "responsibility" of steering :) ) was the excuse for my sun glasses. Yeah, you heard me right - there ARE sunny days in Seattle too. Another proof that "they" feed us with lies... I think Hollywood does that just for the kicks. I can't think of any other reason.

There were lots of other boats in the lake. Seaplanes were landing and taking off around us. It was cool :)

Space needle, Seattle downtown, a seaplane and the moon - as seen from the boat: Thats the I-5 bridge. You can also see where I work:

I will update this blog with the group photo of our whole gang as soon as I get it - it was shot in the camera of my friend Dinesh.

Links to check out today:
Free Tech Books
Solar System Simulator
Utility Geek

Still 'anna'! Yayyy!!

Anna = Elder brother ; Akka = Elder sister

I think married people form some kind of a married-people-cult and they try all the time to get you in to it. One of their strategies is making their little kids call you 'uncle' (or 'aunty' - you know what I mean...) and you go "Oh man! Do I look that old??!! Time to get married" and then boom! you are finished!

Yesterday we had a party - hosted by two of my friends who are soon joining that cult. They are making two other poor hapless souls join the same cult too. Chetna, my friend Sudha's little kid, came to me and asked me if I wanted to wrestle her. I am meeting her for the first time and we instantly became friends. Naturally, we got to play... I ran around with her on my shoulders, spinned her chair etc. When her mom came around and refered to me as uncle, she cutely said "This is not uncle, this is anna!" Yayyy!! Boy! Sudha tried a hundred times to make Chetna call me 'uncle' - without any success! We played so much that it compensated very well for the workout that I missed at the gym yesterday. Wow! Kids ARE energetic.

I made sure all my friends knew that I am being called 'anna' while they are still being called uncles and aunties :-) They tried their best to get Chetna to call me uncle and of course they failed miserably. Poor guys. I really pity them :-D One of my friends came to Chetna, put up a big pleasing smile and asked "Chetna, am I akka or aunty?". Chetna said "AUNTIEEE" loud and clear! :-DDD

The icing on the cake was: she pointed at my friend and asked me if thats my mom! WooHoo!!! I would like to mention the name of my friend here but I am sure she will skin me alive if I did!

Aug 14, 2005

Switch To...

Check this out - a funny flash animation :)

This dude says that the blog-run is going to end soon.

Some impressive sites:
Google maps put to amazing use

Pet Rock!

There was a 'whose pet looks best?' competition organized by the diversity group at work. I helped them a little bit in setting up email votes etc.

Tom Sirgedas had sent in a pic of his pet, a rock! This is what he had written:

Here's a picture of my pet rock, George. George is so big, I have to keep him outside in the garden. George is very low maintenance... he only needs water and bath about once a month. George is too old to be taken on walks anymore; however, I can get George to roll-over once in a while. George sits outside of dining room window so I can talk to him on a daily basis. George is very good with kids... he never bites or barks when the kids climb on his back, tease him, or try to push him over. George only had one puppy... which was chip off the old block... named Pebbles. George has been the best pet ever!

Aug 13, 2005

Clean Up

Some links in this weblog were frowned upon and even shot down by some really jittery corporate internet filters. So I've cleaned them all up.

Now you can confidently browse this blog from your work. Its all PG-13 or better ( or worse - depending on your perspective :) )

If I have to mention a potentially R-rated site in order to give credit or something, I will mention it WITHOUT making it a clickable link. Also I'll warn you prominently.

Beware of any dating ads etc by Google though! I have no control over them. But you can easily tell by looking at the text of the ad.

Have fun (or not)!

Aug 11, 2005

For Weekend Devouring

'Credit : me the money!'
Learn about the stock market

An Enjoyable Game (browser playable - no downloads needed)
Wack the penguin

Geek Fodder - non-geeks beware!
Regular Expressions (tx to mani)
Open Source Multimedia Programming
Search more than 200 million lines of code
OS Resources

This one is cool... You pretend to be a dictator and they find out who you are!

"When is the last time you did something for the first time?"

The Meaning

Wondering about the meaning of life? You should see this website. I stumbled into it today. Excellent work, don't you think?

Textual Attraction

Try this and then read the rest of this blog.

My first computer, Apple //c, came with a game called Eamon Adventures. The game had just a text interface but the gameplay was wonderful. I wrote to Tom Zuchowski and he sent me several Eamon Adventures disks and Eamon Adventurer's Guild newsletter for free! He is a great guy. I was(am?) obsessed with the game. When I got a newsletter in the mail, I used to read it at least 20 times! I was a 11 year old kid then. But after I came to Seattle, I wondered if I still had the same love for the game. It was not very difficult to find the answer. When I came to know that Tom is selling a CD with ALL the Eamon Adventures ever written, I bought it right away and hungrily waited for it to reach me.

In today's world of PSPs and DirectX9.0c, the game industry appears all set to become bigger than the movie industry. But it is sad that all effort goes into the specialfx and the games themselves are quite shallow.

Text games have a simple pleasure to offer you. Even if you think that I am just a crazy ______ [fill in a filthy word of your choice here], just give this a whirl:
This is Zork - All you need to play Zork is a web browser!

Or play Eamon Adventures itself!

And don't be too lazy to comment on your experiences :-)

Aug 10, 2005

Local Positioning System

The sun’s position on the compass varies with time of day, as do the positions of your watch’s hands: By combining the two equations, you can solve for direction. Just move your arm so your watch’s hour hand points to the sun. Halfway between the hour hand and the number 12 is south.

Picture Credit:

Aug 8, 2005


Money spent by governments around the world on military this year: US$ 427,761 million
(source : WorldMeters)

Money needed to feed, clothe and educate one starving child is less than US$1 a day

Picture Credits:

Interesting Note:
I was asked to remove the picture of a soldier that I displayed here from - see the comment posted about this by the creator of the image. (6:34AM Aug 16, 2005)


Last week we went to an air show by the US AirForce. I have been to the "regular" Blue Angels (navy) air show for the past two years. But this one was way too impressive. I got to sit in the cockpit of fighter planes :-D You can only imagine how I felt! My dad (who is also an avid photographer) and I managed to get some really good pix. I've uploaded a chosen few... Scaled down though...

Top Gun :-)

Its Everywhere!

Size Does Matter!

Thunderbirds - All 6

Feel free to ask me for bigger and better pictures (just leave a comment with your email address)

Aug 5, 2005

Kindergarten Mafia

My friend Prem has written about how we were punished by our KG teacher for 'launching' rockets at her :-D Check it out!

Jokes Apart?

My friend complained of his stomach being upset. I suggested that he tell some jokes to his stomach.

We went to have dinner at my friend's. She apologized for her apartment being a mess. I said 'Thats cool coz we are going to eat!"
(for the really spaced out ones, 'mess' is where you eat in a hostel etc)

My friend said that she ran out of minutes in her mobile. I said that I have a lot in my watch and offered it to her

These "witty" comments only make my friends sigh - some times a really long sigh... :-( So I have concluded that the world is not ready yet!... :-D

Aug 3, 2005

Wait Up!

There are some issues with the blog template. The blog looks horrible in Firefox. I am working on getting it fixed... I am totally dissatisfied with templates that I have tried. Looks like I will have to roll my own. Fighting with IE & Firefox has greatly humbled me... I totally understand that there are gaping holes in my knowledge... Right now the whole thing sucks! But I've put on my warrior helmet and will straighten this out. I will be extremely happy to know your comments & suggestions.

[From : -- WARNING: Many pix are R-Rated]

This is going to be the main logo in this blog:

I will be integrating it into the template soon.

Conway's 'Game of Life' has always fascinated me. Thanks for choosing the Glider, Raymond! Great idea!

And the caption of blog is going to be (for now) "lazy dog... check my blog!"