Nov 30, 2005

Look! A Tiger!

Laks bought an Apple 12" iBook today. Loved exploring it. Especially loved interacting with it in the command line mode (can you believe that?). Simply awesome. The OS Tiger on it is so neat. But I was surprised (& happy) to note that it came pre-installed with Perl! Changed my perception a little bit about the hack-appeal of macs.

I had dinner at 'The Old Spaghetti Factory'. Food was tasty. If wanna eat a lot, thats the place to go. I couldn't even touch the cheese cake they served. It sure did look delicious but I ran the risk of not being able to walk out of the restaurant. For those of you who are getting concerned by now, let me tell a good news - the cheese cake was not wasted... I packed it for later consumption.

Blog of The Google Guys
Here it is ...
Enjoyable parody

So far no snow :-( But the weather forecast still says "Snow on Thursday". Even few manager-looking people in the elevator were saying that they were hoping for a snow-induced-holiday. Chant to the weather god plz.

Nov 29, 2005


It is getting colderrr. The temperature outside is 1c (34F) now. Slowly the bone marrow is getting chilled. While people all around are complaining (one elderly lady in the bus asked another - "Did you order this weather?"), I am hoping that it will snow like crazy soon and they will close down the office for a couple of days :-) Weather forecasters are predicting snow every tomorrow and going back on their words.

Snow is not quite common in Seattle. One advantage because of that (I guess) is that we don't have city/county tax. The sky and the earth and even everything in between are showing no indications of snow right now. The "forecast" as of this moment is that it will snow on thursday.

Lets hope!

Nov 27, 2005

In Case You Didn't Notice

You have a Tic-Tac-Toe game now to your right. Give yourself a break.

There is this new 'Zeitgeist' section with some hopefully interesting stats about this blog. I would like you to notice the 'Top Commenters'. I hope you will give them a fight!

Cave ManI will take this moment to nag you to:
1. Sign my 100th post, if you haven't done it so far (by now it must be obvious to you that I am pretty serious about it)
2. Join the stock market game and give it a shot. It carries $25 prize. Look at this inspired dude, walking to the nearest internet cafe!

If you want this blog to be better, I need your feedback. Absolutely Positively Immediately Abundantly.

No matter what, don't forget to view the video in the previous post!

You got to try:
Notepad2 - Notepad on steroids
Genpass - Beautiful concept
SlickRun - You will wonder how you did without it

[Credit: GIFAnimations]

Nov 25, 2005

Excellent Ad

Right-click and save this link if you can't see this video above:

[Credit: CreativeCriminal->Bud Light]


As my friend Lakshmi aptly said, consistency is the secret to achieving anything. I feel happy that I got my iPod to run video. The only thing that was stopping me from doing it so far was me not sitting down and actually doing it. To be fair to myself, I can say that there are so many things happening and several unexpected time-guzzlers pop up all the time, the latest one being visits to the Chiropractor. There is nothing wrong - just preventive maintenance :-) I see a lot of difference too. Also the doctor did a good job of explaining things to me with x-rays, what is being done, how things can be prevented/improved (since I have a "desk-job" and everything) etc. Anyways, it is a time-guzzler all the same.

It is not sufficient to be inspired one day and get a lot done. Consistency in getting things done will make a huge difference.

I was playing national level chess once but that amounted to nothing due to the lack of consistency. Short attention span. Got bored as everyone was talking chess chess chess to me all the time. It didn't stop there. Didn't learn from that mistake. Several things tried and left while half way through - just because of lack of consistency.

Life should be attacked with the ferocity and tenacity of Genghis Khan - minus the blood thirst. Lets see what happens as I apply this :-)

Of Friends & Happiness

I upgraded the Linux kernel in my iPod to one with video support and ripped an episode of Friends and converted it into the format supported by iPod. Just now, my 'non-video' iPod (4th gen 60gig photo iPod) played an episode of Friends in brilliant colors! The one where Chandler lies that he is being transferred to Yemen, to get away from Janice.

[LJ link]

[Pic Credit: CreativeCriminal]

Nov 23, 2005

Plan For The Long Weekend

Update: Didn't go with the other guys. At home now :-(

Seven of us are planning to go on a road trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. It would be a 10hr drive from Seattle - each way. NW corner of Montana state - near the Canadian border.

We have booked a cabin there. The plan is to chill out in the hot tub (irony?), ski, enjoy the glacier, relax for all four days, probably read by the fireplace or watch movie in the evening when it is snowing all around :)

I should probably blog the Sinbad tales of my numerous trips. At one point we were going on road trips every weekend. One of my 'ambitions' is to cover all 48 contiguous states in the US in one big road trip. I tend to brag about how I drove from Seattle to SFO crossing three states without changing the driver - please excuse my immodesty :-)

My friend Senthil(prabhu) tells me that he hates posts that don't have pix. So, here is a relevant one:
Quartz Lake

This link will lead you to webcams in our destination. May be I'll wave at you from one of those!

Nov 22, 2005

Sonics vs Jazz

Had fun at Key Arena. Shan & I went. Seattle Sonics lost though.
Didn't have my G6 with me. This is just my poor mobile masquerading as a camera.

Just Do It

[Blogging in progress... Please check back later too...]
"When is the last time you did something for the first time?"
Here is your chance...

Nov 21, 2005

LASER In Real Life

If we had Light Sabers of StarWars...

[Credit: German-Lang Blog -> HowStuffWorks]

Nov 20, 2005

Stock Market Game & Prize

I have also created a 'test game' - for you to try things out - pls read on for details.

You will be playing with the real data but virtual money.

It is same as playing the real stock market - except that you have nothing to lose. No entry fee.

Lets spice it up a little bit. The winner will get USD $25. I will send the money to you by some means, no matter what country you may be from.

Click here & register to enter the stock market game.
Name of the game : Khazaana01
You will be given USD $10,000 of virtual money to play with.
Whoever increases this amount the most wins.
As soon as you enter, please send me an email at kirubakaran#gmail#com, giving me your name, user id, country and stuff like that...

Test Area:
I have created a "test" game you may want to fool with - just to try things out. Click here for that.
Name of the game : Chumma01
Of course, whatever you do here will not count towards the prize.

I will give you further instructions as we go. The main goal is to learn. So, you can gain a lot by active participation. Feel free to ask all your friends to join. Lets consider this game as a precursor to the next game, which I hope to have for the whole Q1 of 2006. That game will carry a bigger prize.

The contest ends by Dec 30, 2005. You should have sold all your positions by then and should have converted everything to cash. Open positions (unsold shares) will not be counted for calculating portfolio value.

You can see this blog for more info.

Nov 19, 2005

In High Spirits

I am in to some hard core weekend activities. What are you doing checking blogs on a weekend? :-) Just kidding you! Have lots to blog about - but lemme do justice to the weekend first.

Nov 17, 2005

Better Than _______

Whats more fun than BJ [thats BLACK JACK, ok? lower your eyebrows], Chess, Risk game and NFS put together?

I would say, playing the stock market.
[its no match for Racquetball though]

Vikam and I did our first trade investing Rs.50 (=$1.16 - it was a big risk for us then and it was a big deal... seriously) per head when we were in the 4th sem of college. We made Rs.8 (=$0.19) out of it :)

Speaking of college... the website just sucks big time! Still!! Marquees and scrolling texts and some childish GIFs!!! Hopefully someone will get angry enough to scold me and fix it.

Back to the point. You should give it a shot! Really!!
Check this babe out! Is that a beauty or what? Well, this is a beauty too:
But you are missing my point!

It is like a chess game with million pieces, a great puzzle etc. You try to understand its ebbs and flows by reading what the masters have to say on it, by watching it, by trying to fit the pieces together. It is really adventurous. You must try!

Check the same place here tomorrow and I will have a stock market simulator game ready for you.

Until then, just enjoy this classic ('Oh Ho Enthan Baby')

Yeah... Don't forget to leave ur name on the previous post!

Nov 16, 2005


[I have a special request for you guys'n'gals - this being the 100th post and all! Please leave your pug mark in the comment section. No need of a "comment" comment if you don't have one - just sign, may be...]
Just now I enjoyed the movie 'Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit'. Wonderful and funny. You must see it for sure. I saw 'Chicken Little' last weekend. You must see that too! It must be obvious to you by now that I don't stifle the child in me at all. I guess thats your gripe already, isn't it? :-)

Oooh! Google Analytics!! This blog now sports it, of course. Our adorable Robin Hoods. May their tribe increase / proliferate / mutiply / be-cloned!!

I have my eye on the shares of iRobot - the company that makes vacuuming-bots, bomb-disposing-bots etc. Are your eyes hungry too?

Listen to this, yo!
Movie: 'Kanda Naal Mudhal'
Song : 'Pushing It Hard'
Loving it!

From the Cougar Mt trek that I was talking about:
And yes - Blogging at full force from now! Thanks everyone. The pug mark! Don't forget to leave one.

Nov 12, 2005

WeekEnd - End

[Update : Nov 15, 2005]
The 100th post is coming up. Please wait.
If you are really bored, check out my tryst with LiveJournal. It is not really meant for public consumption but I won't mind if you look.

Pretty lousy weekend for blogging. Did my best to explain things. What more can one do? In blogging, emotions run high - for whatever reason - ~sigh~ I guess I will stick to my own blog henceforth.

Actually I had a lot to blog about... Simple pleasures of life, About the movie Chicken Little, Our trek in Cougar Mt, About the novel Deception Point, etc. I also thought that the whole comment-cracking mistaken accusations were over - and I was going to tell a concise story of that. But it looks like even the people who seemed to support have changed their minds now. Just not in mood guys... Lemme blog more some other time. Perhaps after a few days.

By the way, my next post will be my 100th. So I am planning to do it in real good mood - when that comes back.

Logging off.

Nov 11, 2005

Google Word Verification

Funny Word Verification
[Non-Tamil viewers... These words are commonly used expletives in Tamil.]

Nov 10, 2005

The Coveted Title

I was called a "hacker" multiple times today.

Just for the newbies, I would like to mention that "cracker" is a derogatory term and "hacker" is a much sought after title.

I really have to appreciate Chinmayi's great attitude.
Check her blog out:
Chinmayi's Blog
(yup, the wonderful singer)

Or more specifically:
[Update : My friends tell me that these links don't work. Looks like they decided to delete those posts. (I had resolved not to go back there after that - so I don't know)]
Chinmayi's Post #1
Chinmayi's Post #2

Check this out too - :-)

I will blog on this tomorrow. Remember my resolve to sleep at least 6 hrs? - given what I went thru for chronic sleeplessness? I am going to do just that now :) Lights out. (Late night hacking comes at a price but it is not worth it - ask me for a description of what I went thru, if u r not convinced...)

It started with this:
Saturday, November 05, 2005
How irritating can this get, I type in a pretty nice post and I say republish blog and then my post goes.. No patience to type it all over again.. bleaargh.... Not really liking you blogger...

Gone For A Whole Week

Several things: Lots of work. One day of severe bad health (I guess, due to chronic sleep deprivation). Never felt this horrible. Planning to sleep well in the future. One day of complete rest. Got engrossed with Dan Brown's 'Deception Point'. Bunch of movies. Seattle Auto Show. Hiking in Cougar Mountains.

And I am back!

Blog Related Pending Tasks:
1. I bought - I am yet to map it to this blog.
2. I am yet to try out LiveJournal - open source blog, lots of features. One thing I don't like about it is that you have to pay for some advanced features. May be I'll move one of the peripheral blogs to LiveJournal.
3. I need to create a new Stock Market game with new rules. The previous one was an utter failure.
4. I have to get the blog to a wider audience.
5. Blog on hike in Cougar Mt & Seattle Auto Show.
6. Make the blog customizable (?)

Nov 3, 2005

Up Against The Wall

I am reading 'One Up On Wall Street' by Peter Lynch. It is very good.

These are from that:
"Things are never clear until it's too late" [p86]

"If all economists of the world were laid end to end, it wouldn't be a bad thing" [p85]

If you are interested in "understanding" the share market, you may wanna read this book.