Jan 27, 2006

Hartford, CT

Few weeks after setting foot on the SE corner of US, here I am in the NE corner. This is really a last minute trip - to visit my friend on her birthday. I enjoying a much needed vacation - a real vacation - with no need to go out for food and no need to cover maximum number of places in minimum time. Ahhhhhhh.

I digged into lj code almost all day today. Getting better and better at it :-)

Two more friends coming in today. Feeling really happy!

I went on a walk today, in downtown Hartford. Here are some pictures from that:
{ Hartford, CT Pix - In Flickr }

Here is one:

Jan 23, 2006

Driving Me Crazy

I became a paid-member to make use of the 'advanced' features of LiveJournal and I am pulling my hair out after about four hours of search. I guess the core problem is with my expectations. I thought there will be step by step solutions - since I come from Blogger community.

I won't bite the dust. I am still fighting.

Damn! It has been a long time since I beat my head like this against a problem.

This is what I actually need: I have done the basic customizations. I need another box in the sidebar. Also I need a navigation bar at the top of the journal. I could have done this by simply adding a DIV to my Blogger template. Livejournal guys beat me up when I was totally unaware of the complexity and unprepared for the you-are-own-your-own help. None of the "howto"s I read had any how-to. They simply spoke in arcane tongues. I am extremely frustrated right now.

But this is good. This only strengthens my resolve to go on. My initial false expectations to quickly write couple of lines of code and get instant gratification has been struck down, spit on and beaten with a base ball bat. Since the LiveJournal guys killed my initial expectations with such a sadistic smile, I am going to sleep over it and then approach the problem afresh.

Jan 22, 2006

Seahawks - Super Bowl Bound!

My friend Lax and I thought we could get in but the tickets got sold out just when we were the fourth ones from the counter :-( We had stood for about two hours in the cold by the Quest field and we had to walk away.

BUT!!! of course, we caught the game from Red Robin by the waterfront :-) It was a great game. Seattle is going to Super Bowl for the first time in human history and we are glad we didn't miss it. We ate a stomach full and then some.

Jan 16, 2006

Movie Watching Spree

I have watched lots of movies recently. 'Kanda Naal Mudhal' was the only Tamil I watched though. If you come across any good quality Tamil movies, please alert me.

I saw 'Dukes Of Hazzard'. It was of pretty low quality, but there were good comedy sequences. Then I watched this TV show 'Worst Movies of 2005' and this movie was on that list.

I most likely will watch '21 Grams' today.

Jan 15, 2006

Smile Plz!

Resumé of a cat

We Still Get It Done, Don't We?

One of the 'why are we the way we are' questions: :-)
How we work

It seems to work. We tend to sprint rather than run a marathon. This once again brings us to the point that start-ups are very efficient and big sized organizations are slow and dull.

Do we live our lives like a lean&mean start-up or like a big organization with lot of limiting bureaucracy?

Read these for some enlightment:
Good & Bad Procrastination
How To Make Wealth
[I have already presented these links to you in the past]

[Movies Seen This Week] Instinct, JFK, Hotel Rwanda, The Dukes of the Hazzard

Jan 12, 2006

Happy Prince

I listened to the audio book version of the classic short story 'Happy Prince' from LibriVox last night in bed. It was in a beautiful voice and it was like someone telling a me a bed time story to put me to sleep. I loved the experience. Here is their catalogue. Volunteers (not some dumb softwares) have read the books. If you too wish to start your experience with Happy Prince, here is the mp3.

Jan 10, 2006

And The Winner Is...

Lax is the proud winner of the Stock Market Game. He made $219 and won the $25 prize. He says:
Hi all... I am extremely happy that I won this stock market game.Believe me when I say this...I knew nothing about the stock market before registering for this game. This does not mean I have learnt a lot now, but have started.This game has given me a lot of confidence and interest to learn more. I thank kirubakaran for such an interesting game and also for encouraging me to learn about stocks.
My thanks to all the participants! [lakshmicts, shanmugamp, gopdha, rkmurali, saaral, orsenthil, maniosai, dantonyp, sriv, mallikreddy, shanarun, nimbupani]

I would like to know your thoughts... Please...

Jan 7, 2006

How To Be Lied To, Besides Other Things

Read this insightful post that I want to bring to your attention - on how to be lied to... by Seth Godin.

Have a look at these great articles about getting things done:
The Myth Of The Great Idea
How To Get Any Project Up And Running

Aiyangaaru Veetu Azhagey

[Explanation for the international audience: Brahmin-speak is a dialect of Tamil spoken by Brahmins]

Though not a brahmin myself, I think original brahmin-speak is the cutest dialect around. Of course it is so extremely cute to me only when spoken by girls :) I want to burn a CD with such cute-cute brahmin-speak songs. I am making my small effort public, to be of use to several other guys who I know will be interested too :))

Here we go:

Kettele ange [Movie: Badrakaali]
(Of the 'Vangonna' fame)

Sundari Niyum [Movie: Michael Madhana Kama Rajan]

Madisaru kattindu vandhale magarasi [Movie: Villadhi villain]

Madathuley kanni madathule [Movie: Veera]

Oh sukumari [Movie: Anniyan]

Aduthaathu ambujatha patheila? [Movie: Edhir Neechal]

Naan Alana Thamarai [Movie: Idhu Namma Aalu]

I am just listing the songs that come to my mind now. I invite you to send the links/more songs in the comments section. Hopefully we can come up with a comprehensive list :)

I think the brahmin-girl role is best played in the movies by Trisha.


Jan 6, 2006


Happy New Year! blah blah blah... ok - moving on... :-)

Sorry, I was tied up with several things... I missed you. I am working on an exciting pet-project. Please bear with me - I am keeping it under the wraps until it is done.

The stock market game results are out. I'll post on that today. I will post regularly, starting now.

Did you hear about this? I am very excited. I've joined the beta testing team.

What are your New Year Resolutions?