May 31, 2006

Investing In Indian Stock Market Now?

May 7, 2006|Gautham: Kiruba, Do you think it makes sense to invest in the US market at this point of time? Come to Emerging markets like India and you will have higher returns.

[market crash]

May 23, 2006|Kirubakaran: mallik, i am thinking of investing some in india... now that the market has crashed.

Mallik: When I feel like investing in India... in non-real-estate... I see the following
  • Inflation... India’s inflation is very high.. even high returns don't count
  • India’s economy is not stable.. if monsoons fail, India is gone, if there is a war in Gulf, India is gone...
  • When India is gone for any of the above reasons, Indian Rupee looses its value against $...
Kirubakaran: i was thinking in the lines of: "there has been a great crash. there is money to be made while the market panics". ur arguement totally makes sense. any more points?

Mallik: I have been having these thoughts for the past 4 years or so... you will agree that exact opposite has happened...

Say you invested in India’s real estate 4 years ago, transferring your money at about $49 and sold the property now... for at least 100% gain, and transferred that money back at $43 or so... you would have made bunch of money...

About the stock market crash.. I don’t know much.. however, my assessment is this.. in the past 2 years, there was lot of Foreign Direct investment in the stock market.. about $10 billion... since Indian stock Market is very small, $10 billion is too much of a money...(Harshad Mehta brought boom in the market by borrowing about $1Billion from his friends in the banks) the influx of money brought the boom in the market.. now its profit taking time.. these guys will sell some or most of their holding... not sure if they will re-invest...


Its really almost a month since I blogged? Wow! So much has happened. First I have my bungee jump experience to share. I will copy the pix from my friend today evening and write about it.

I've done some useful stuff in the mean time too. "Like what?" is a pretty good question, of course, but I'll blog more in the evening as I am rushing off to work now. I am working on a very interesting problem at work. Its awesome. I wrote a REXX program with INTERPRET function (the equivalent of Lisp's macros) to get something done much more elegantly than the "straight forward" method. (A program constructs another program and then executes it)

Mike & Srikant - Thanks for prodding me out of my blog-slumber.

BTW, this is my 200th post. Remember the 100th you left your pug marks on? :-)
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May 8, 2006

Up & Running

BoreMeNot is up and running. Please remember that it is a simple tool I wrote for my own convinience. I just thought I'll share it with you. Try it and tell me what you think.

May 7, 2006

'Bore Me Not'

I cancelled (pron: 'spread it') and bought I did this because I came to know that several friends of mine haven't heard of Reddit. So I started hunting for names that match the purpose better. As usual, I tried about a hundred and a few were available too. Thankfully I didn't decide on any of the local minima like When "occurred" to me, I totally knew that thats the best fit.

I stupidly cancelled, thinking that Yahoo will prorate and refund. That moneys gone down the drain :-( They said that they won't refund AFTER I cancelled. Had I known, I would have kept it for some more time and redirected the traffic to In fact, before I cancelled, I did wonder if they will refuse to refund. Then I decide that the best way to find out would be to just do it. Hmm... you get what you ask for. isn't active yet. When it becomes active, it will definitely be something to check out. In the mean time, check out:, which is where is going to point to.

May 4, 2006


Check this out: zpreddit ... and tell me what you think.

Please do mail with your suggestions and criticism.

[Update:2006-05-06 0810] I fucked up. I was getting a new feature in late last night and it just wouldn't work. I changed the live page coz I thought it would be a simple change. I somehow fell asleep right there, with my hand still on my laptop. I just woke up and found Koutilya's msg. I did the logical thing of link-jacking from his post :-) Here is something for u until I fix the problem. I roared with laughter when they show uncle sam at the end :-D I'll update this post to let you know when the problem is fixed.

[Update:2006-05-06 1212] Issues sorted out and features added.

[Update:2006-05-07 2181] Cancelled and bought