Jun 23, 2006


I couldn't believe what I saw. My eyes must have become red with anger. A family got off the bus; a kid - 4 or 5 yrs old - stood ready to run; the dad said 'Go!' and the kid ran right across NE 8th street, an arterial road by my house... It is a 5 lane road and the kid, probably about 4 or 5 yrs old, ran right across it as if he was running in a park. The parents too 'crossed' the road right there on the main road. We jay-walk all the time - no big deal. But what kind of an idiot will let his child run across such a busy road?

I was totally pissed off. I walked up to him and said "You can get arrested for that, you know? Don't ever do that, alright?" as harsh as I possibly can. I thought he will respond with a mind-ur-own-business kinda thing and I was ready to give him a full verbal lashing... But he looked apologetic and meekly said "okay". I felt quixotic.

Last thing I saw of the family was, the kid ran to a bus and started climbing the steps. Then he turned to look at his father standing at a distance. The father calmly shook his head. The kid ran back to his father. Damn!

Jun 22, 2006

My Original One Liner :-)

"Sometimes you have to treat people's comments just the way a compiler does."

Jun 18, 2006

Links For This Week

Colbert's hilarious interview with Westmoreland (link to the video file)

Hot Belly Dance Video (google video)

India, Startups & Economic Development

Some governements are pro-rich (e.g., US Republican). Some governments are pro-poor (e.g., the several state governments in India who publicly demonize the rich). They both fail. The pro-rich govts cut estate tax. The pro-poor govts cut income tax in the low income bracket. I think the most successful government would be pro--wanna-be-rich. I don't see many governments like that. US govt (both Rep & Dem) is more pro--wanna-be-rich than most other. Results vouch for that. But not sufficiently so.

Pro--wanna-be-rich would make it easier to start companies and everything else that goes with that. I'm sure the Indian finance minister and the other elite realize this and intend to do something about this. But I wonder how long it will take for the people and the government "machinery" to differentiate between entrepreneurs and get-rich-quick crooks. I hope to live to see that day. The main obstacle I see for this change in attitude is the group of unscruplous businessmen who don't even pay minimum wages to their employees. When will we have many startups in India?

It is good that no fortune lasts for more than three generations :-) You have to do it all by yourself from the scratch, without your daddy's money - and thereby you will actively drive economic development by creating wealth.

Communism makes it impossible to make wealth (=bad). Capitalism continues to increase the barrier for entry (=bad). How will the world be if you just can't inherit?

Jun 16, 2006

Chiropractic Care For Asthma/Polio?

My friend has been suffering from severe asthma. Now she has been diagnosed with polio. It is heart wrenching for me and the feeling of helplessness is just too terrible. I am not going to go on any more about how I feel but I want to find a solution.

I've heard that people with asthma or polio have been cured by chirpractic care. I have also heard that such a claim is bullshit. I want to find out all about it. I have created this wiki to track my effort. That will be the place to share my findings, which will hopefully help people in similar situation. Please help me with this effort if you can. Tell me if you know someone with first person experience. Write your own thoughts, experience and findings in the comment section.

Link to the chiropractic wiki that I will keep updated

Jun 10, 2006

What's The Give Away?

Girl(brunette): What do you do for fun? (in a mocking drawl:) You go to the bars, check out the hot girls... hit on them?

Me: Well,...

(I realize her smile is actually a stifled giggle)

Girl: I bet you just stay home and play video games instead(giggle). What do you have? Playstation or XBox? (giggle giggle giggle)

I wonder what the give away was!! :-)))

Jun 5, 2006

My Bungee Pix

On The EdgeOn The Way Back Up
The Drop The Fearless[Whistler BC, 05/29/2006]