Aug 21, 2006

Patience Is A Virtue

Thanks for your patience! I'll post tomorrow.

(I am trying to do more than I can and there has been some time crunch... for the "like-what?-ers" in you: kayaked *all* of Lake Union, golfed (ok, just the driving range), saw couple of movies, made progress with the books I am reading 'The Alchemist', 'Just For Fun', cooked, wiped my hdd and reinstalled WinXP, Debian Linux (due to a nasty crash some time ago) and all my dev tools, learnt more Lisp and listed out all ideas I've worked on so far)

(need to call friends...)

Aug 14, 2006

Eminem Lisp "Hello World"

CL-USER> (defun say-it-bitch (n) (format t "Bitch: ~r" n))

CL-USER> (say-it-bitch 123432456)

Bitch: one hundred and twenty-three million, four hundred and thirty-two thousand, four hundred and fifty-six

Aug 13, 2006

Passionately Advocated

I am listing what I've passionately advocated to my friends etc so far. I got hooked to those things at various points in life, but in retrospect I never have had to abandon any of those. [FYI for some ppl: I am not trying to be an arrogant prick here]

Jerome K Jerome
Ayn Rand
Quentin Tarantino
Libertarianism (ideologically; not politically)

Aug 10, 2006

"The World Is Flat" Video

A must-see video ppl...
Speech by the author of the book 'The World Is Flat' in MIT.
I absolutely loved it and it will be so worth your time.

Here is the video.

It runs 1h 15m and you may need Real Player.

Aug 9, 2006

Train Trip To Portland

[Click on pix to see them big. Comment on 'em]
Aug 5 & 6, 2006.
I wanted to do some thinking; some soul searching, if you will...

I made reservations to travel by train. Booked a hotel room as well.
Destination: Portland, OR.
I set out with a small black notebook and pen.
(to trace my thoughts and stuff)

Saw the sights... Let them randomize the mind...
Thought about various things...

Went on long walks... Realllllly long walks...
(I became half dead by the end of it)

Crossed bridges... Took pictures...

Made some attempts at drawing some too...

Visited colorful places...

And 'interesting' places...

Ate pizza in the alley...

Went places in their "Max" city-train...

Hung out with bears...

I met many people and talked to them. It was nice...
Got a new pen-pal now too.
A little bit more clarity in thoughts now too...
May be it wasn't a bad idea, after all! :-)

Aug 1, 2006


I saw an guy is a suit, near Univerity of Washington Medical Center (mind you, it is medical center, not the engineering school) showing off his iPod to a lady. She was exclaiming "oooh you are so techie" and he was beaming and obviously gloating. Wish someone had walked up to him and asked if he greasemonkeyed his browser. He would have gone: 'Grease what?' or 'What monkey?' and his tech-senility would have hit him then.

Having made you sufficiently upset (if you don't use Greasemonkey yourself), here is a link for you to learn more: [#]

My favorite script links to my library from - so that I can be browsing books in Amazon and click a link there to put a book I like on hold in my library. How slick is that? I use the great interface of but utilize my local library for actually getting the book for free. Piqued your interest yet? No? How about a script that silently removes all advertisements from websites?

You can make websites dance to your tune. Or you can make them dance to techno music. Your choice.