Sep 28, 2006


I saw the movie 'Insomnia' (Al Pacino et al) day before yesterday. The funny thing is I couldn't sleep after that. I found it really funny. The reason was that it was damn hot plus I had a night-coffee etc... Anyway I couldn't sleep till like 2AM. But I found it funny as I had seen 'Insomnia' only that day. Either I've honed my sense of humor or my life is so pathetic :-)

Sep 25, 2006

Another Weekend...

Saw the movie A Beautiful Mind (I am 5yrs behind).
Saw the movie Dogs & Cats (I am still 5yrs behind).

Had some great weather... went to the golf driving range.

Went to the Huskies game (American football)... The home team won as they always do when I go, irrespective of the game (-:

I was also working on websites:

Lisp Related:
I saw the whole 'Overview and Introduction to Lisp' Sussman video.
I finished reading this lengthy article too: Scheming is Believing.

Sep 16, 2006

Few Links

I really liked this post that made it to the top page of Reddit:
Lessons learned from a job that sucked
There is a reading list too, which I need to check out.

I liked this too:
It Must Be Tuesday : Who Am I?

And this: Did I a Virus Make You Smart?

Sep 14, 2006

Competitive Advantage

I spend a lot of time every day drinking straight from the bottle/udder/hose about startups and related stuff. Here is a collection of some of that, in the 'competitive advantage' point of view - in a pretty raw format.

A startup should choose wisely and have competitive advantage in the following aspects:
[follow links for 'why']
or you can get a job... (-;

Sep 13, 2006


I am kinda cranky with sleep deprivation. Rather than pissing you off with some pointed comment, I think it is a good idea to just sleep. Seattle's typical weather today... bed is so inviting with its promise of warm comfort.

I am going to manufacture some ZZZ :-)
(movie 'Everything Is Illuminated' if you didn't get it)
I told you... I am sounding like a condescending prick.
[ if you are tempted to mutter 'just today?', I don't blame you... 'my birthright as the first-born' (-; ]

For the curious: significant activities of today were carpet putt-putt with friends, my cooking and occasionally being generally pissed off at the world (global warming, genocide, internet explorer, spilled chilli powder, greasy vessels, Wednesday...) caused by sleep deprivation.

Sep 12, 2006

Are You?

I don't want to say "man enough" and come out as a sexist. Are you person enough for doing something like this?

While on the subject, here is something for you:
00 01 10

And a well-known personal productivity hack for good measure.

Reading List on programming.

Sep 11, 2006

Several Things, Actually...

After a long break, I played racquetball today. It felt really good. I want to continue it.

I came back from gym, took a cold shower and cooked egg curry. Turned out good. Just finished it off and logged in.

I am talking to Krishna Rajesh after 9 years, thanks to Orkut. He is a buddy of mine from high school. I was looking around in Orkut and found a butt-load off "free" (u know what i mean) e-books (about all subjects - pretty much everything I want to read) from sites linked to by my sis. It is a treasure trove. Like the greedy fat merchant who comes upon a sea of gold coins and scoops them up deliriously and makes them rain down on him, I downloaded gigs and gigs of them. Now I can quit my job and read them all in my hut by the foothills of Himalayas, wrapped in warm wool, with crisp chill air on my face, while sipping my favorite brew of coffee. [sigh] I wish... (I actually thought of including Uma in that wish too... but thats perhaps wishing for too much)

Speaking of financial freedom, my portfolio is doing good. Whenever I say that, it seems to instantaneously tank. Anyway I will say it, at least just to spit on the face of superstition :-) Portfolio doing good but I am not yet a millionaire ;) So hold your plans to kidnap me - unless you just want to buy cotton candy with the ransom.

I actually meant to get started on today. It is my domain name for my open source projects. I intend to complete at least one non-trivial project before Sep 4, 2007 - preferably in Lisp. I think I'll do the same project in multiple languages, just to see how they compare. Anyway, the bottom line is, I didn't start tinkering with the site today. But you know what to expect now.

I've thought of a new license for it - instead of using GPL, CC etc. I am calling it the SFO License... for "Slimeballs Fuck Off". It will read "You can do whatever fuck you want with it..." I haven't thought through the details yet - but you get the idea... (Afterthought[9/12]: It will also be a fitting word-play on Microsoft funded "SCO" scumbags and a tribute to my favorite city)

Sep 10, 2006


The weekend is about to end )-: but not a bad weekend at all... quite eventful, one can say... eth is illuminated (movie), lage raho munnabhai (movie), caesar III (game), vettai aadu... (movie), v4vendetta (movie), golf driving-range 150yds, para-sailing in Elliott's Bay, sunset, dinner@pf.chang's... Oh man did I really see that many movies? Damn. I didn't do even a little bit of Lisp - although thats what I meant to do all this weekened. Really glorious weather too.

I am planning on kayaking to San Juans next weekend.

<excuse me>
Jagan: Dei I am sorry I haven't returned your call yet. Ur email id is in my work computer. I'll email u in detail tomorrow.
</excuse me>

It has been years since I used Orkut. I joined just to get a gmail invite from Google. Two friends from my high school pinged me on it this week. Pretty cool! Here is my profile, if you wanna add me as your friend - you know I am just too lazy to do it myself.

Sep 8, 2006

... And I Am Back

I've been disappointing about 15 people every day for the past two weeks. Hmmm. Not a good thing. Thanks for sticking with me. I haven't returned your calls / replied to your emails & comments either. Sorry about that as well. I am on it.

What did I do worth mentioning since the last post? I golfed for the first time in life! :-) I've been to the driving range few times in the past month or so but yesterday was my first golfing day. I used to think 'oh man what a dull stupid sissy game'... but it is great actually - now I see why 'they' like it.

I did a road trip to Mt.Shasta on the Labor Day weekend with two friends. It was a long (10hr + 10hr) drive. We rented a fishing boat there and raced it around in Lake Shasta. Good weather too.

Hmmm what else did I do? Thats pretty much it on the fun side I guess. I am reading 'The Long Tail', 'The Alchemist', 'All Marketers Are Liars' & 'Practical Common Lisp'. The last book I read (finished) was 'Just For Fun'.

Now that you have been updated about my 'activities', let me think of something "interesting" to blog about (-: I think I should write about my war on Procrastination. I am only doing as good as Bush's war on terror in Iraq but I hope to change things and win. (If I don't, I am screwed) Have a good day!