Oct 31, 2006


I've changed site feed from 'short' to 'full' to please the Google Reader visitors :-)

Oct 29, 2006

Updates (for lack of a better title)

While my racquetball score is at a pathetic 3/15 won/lost, I can tell you that I am on my way up. I've started my long procrastinated 'situps before shower' morning routine. I'm concentrating more on my triceps too - as it is my back-hand serve-returns that lose me points big time.

As I mentioned before, I've taken up golf. I go to a small par-3 9-hole course nearby.

My scores were 57, 50, 47, 45, 49, 45. Here is a graph to help you visualize :-)

We attended Prakash's wedding today. Had a really good time. Yesterday he treated us all to a formal dinner in a cruise. Senthil's organizing abilities shone through.

In other news, I am quitting Cognizant ;-) My last day would be Nov 3rd. It is a funny feeling as this has been my first job. Sep 10, 2001 to Nov 3, 2006. A tiny little more than 5 years. I am leaving a safe environment for an adventure (hopefully!) - After all, risk = rewards :))

I wrote a small web tool - a tiny little hack that made something easy for some people. It got over 2000 hits in 3 days (it keeps coming). It feels good :) I am not saying what it is, because, it is something really really simple. It got equal number of up & down votes in Reddit. Anyway, I learnt from this... more from 'error_log' than from 'access_log'. (I love webalizer, by the way)

My observation is that, when you do something new, you learn things you never thought you would. Those side-effects seem to be the most valuable outcome... Sorta like how World War II caused economic and scientific development in USA.

Oct 12, 2006


My grandma has a scorpion tattoo on the back of her hand. She got it when she was a teen. She even has a tattooed bindi on her forehead.

While it is cool to have a tattoo in America,

I find the idea of getting one myself quite unappealing. Ask any one else from India if you don't believe me.

So, here is my "Road Ahead" for you:
"Two generations from now, tattooing will be totally uncool in America"

(While it is rumored that Bill said "640KB ought be enough for everybody" and while I am in no way his fan (quite the opposite, I am), 'Road Ahead' sounds good. ('Amusement Ride Ahead' is better though))

Yeah, it will simply be uncool thing to the teens of tomorrow, because it would be a grandmotherly thing to do. That is how, my friend, will tattoos die.

Oct 4, 2006

Ever Feel -ve 'Bout The Li'l Uni?

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, today I am thinking more like:
"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make love to it in the rear."

It is a temporary glitch in the thought process, I promise :-)
I did see this 1hr 16min video on Lisp, didn't I? (-: (SICP - Part II)

[More: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs]

Lisp, Oh Lisp!

Discouraged, depressed and demotivated. Doesn't sound like a sexy combination, does it?

In my quest for my own super-successful startup, I searched far and wide for years and I now believe that mastering Lisp is a crucial step. I am not going to go into the details here. I am not going to answer "Why Lisp? Why not ____ ?" (Don't fill in the blank with Java or I'll permanently lose my respect for you)

Since I don't have millions in VC fund, I can't just recruit a couple of Lisp hackers. I learn things really really fast. Really. But Lisp is certainly testing my limits and has totally humbled me. Totally.

I'd like to believe that I've simply been psyched to believe that mastering Lisp is so tough by all those experts saying how they "got it" only after spending 99 years hardcore hacking in Lisp. I'd like to believe. But using Lisp in non-trivial ways is certainly tough. At least at the moment. I've just started with it. Barely.

"Everything is difficult before it is easy" they say. I know I will keep at it until I master it. I am just feeling a bit down thinking about the steep mountain that lies ahead of me - and about how many damn years it is going to take me before I can do something useful with it. Even thinking about it drains all energy. The wise say "Have no regrets" but I do kick myself for all the time I wasted in engineering school and also before & after that. Dumb me. Weather in Seattle at the moment seems to reflect my gloom.