Dec 8, 2006


I enjoyed this talk by Sergey today:
Search, Google, and Life

I'd definitely recommend it to you.

Dec 2, 2006

Linux WiFi - Start

I have this huge list of small pet-projects that I procrastinate to death. Only good thing is that I am not in denial about it. I've read incredible amount of procrastination...

[got a call... jks called coz they are making pancakes and i love pancakes... will continue this blog after that... this is good procrastination dammit!]

[i am back: 1:19pm]

I've read incredible amount of procrastination avoidance techniques. Yeah that becomes an excuse for procrastination by itself. But, to be fair, I do get things done too.

So the latest thing I want to get done is make my laptop's Linux installation wi-fi capable. Not having wifi access is one of the main reasons I reboot into windows. If this is done, I would be getting rid of a 3 year old task from my to-do list! :-)

So, thats what I will be working on this weekend. When I am not being pleasantly distracted by other stuff, that is.