Dec 31, 2007


Plan for 2008 : Be More Audacious

I have some serious goals for 2008. My entire focus is on creating a successful startup.

I do get "free" time besides my focussed effort. This is where I plan to fit in all the other stuff. It is pretty much a given that the main startup that I will be working on will not succeed and a derivate of it will be The One. It is due to the simple fact that you cannot predict something that doesn't exist yet. However, the startup that I work on with full effort will be the battering ram with which the doors of opportunities can be opened. I've seen this happen again and again in my work. I will be working on something very seriously and will get inspiration to do something else. This fact doesn't diminish the importance of the primary task. Without such focussed effort, the derivative inspiration wouldn't come in the first place.

I can give numerous examples from my experience but each of them are worth a separate post. One quick example I can give is: I was working hard for a programming competition in school. My friend Pradeep was also working on his project. He wanted to construct some line drawings for that and asked me to help - as it was taking a long time to get it right. I wrote a quick tool to interactively draw shapes and then have the program spit out the code that will create the shapes. Then I got interested in that tool, abandoned my original project which now looked lame compared to this tool, and rewrote it into something presentable to an audience. That was the first public programming contest that I won.

Besides kicking some serious ass regarding startups, I plan to learn lots of new things in subjects I am totally unaware of. Math and computer science are already in the radar. I will grok some Genomics. I think this is where the puck is going to be. Looking forward to an exciting projectile vomit filled 2008.

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