Jun 27, 2007


Did I mention that I read 'Four Hour Work Week'? Its a great book that crystallized lots of thoughts that were floating around in my mind.

Few things from it:
Adventure Deficit Disorder
Exictement is the more practical synonym for happiness (that is, chasing hapiness is tough; but if you do exiciting things, you'll end up being happy). It has some awesome stuff on dealing with existential depression.

Thats not what the book is about though. The title should give you an idea about that. Hope you read it too.

Jun 20, 2007

My Loss

This pretty much sums up how I feel, without me having to sum it up:
(scroll down for 'Chapter I')

If you liked his writing, here is more: http://philip.greenspun.com/site-map

Jun 15, 2007

Go Team!

I am exploring the idea of having a team work on my ideas. This way, at least it gets done. I outline the result I need and we negotiate a price and it gets done! Compare this: I get excited; I write it down; I fantasize about how great it is going to be; I put in effort once in a while; I get distracted by newer ideas; the project gets procrastinated to death.

While I was trying this, I discovered that I have a good eye for talent. I found out a great programmer who wrote me a web application in days. I am learning from the code. He has Buddhist inclinations.

Since I am on this topic, let me say some more on Buddhism before I go back to 'Go Team!'. Agnostic that I am, I find Buddhism to be the most civilized & palatable "religion" (if you can call it that). No one tries to bullshit you with stuff like "Heaven is paved with gold" etc. Who gives a fuck about the sidewalks in heaven? What difference does it make to you if it is paved with gold [Au - atomic Wt:197] or lead [Pb - atomic wt:207] unless you are a personal injury lawyer?

Mike mentioned Buddhism after he read my previous post. He mentioned it in the context of figuring out the whole mind thing - his friend became a millionaire and gave it all up and became a Buddhist. Mani posted a comment about it. Now I am going to expand my knowledge on Buddhism.

Argument for religion is often morality. I don't think we need an external moral compass. I think we all have it built right in. The "morality" that is not intrinsic and differs from culture to culture is just social programming in disguise. If you look at me like Jules now and say "example!", I have two words for you: 'Blow jobs'. What was totally immoral few decades ago is now a first date thing! (second date thing for good conservative girls). (I am not complaining!)

In short: I am interested in learning Buddhism for the accumulated knowledge on the mind, happiness and meaning of life rather than for want of a moral compass.

Have I digressed? :-)

Anyway, I am identifying talent in few places and also I am working with few outsourcing companies. Interesting times ahead. Go team!

Jun 13, 2007

n = blessings.count()

Well, this doesn't work when you are deep into some worry. But when you are like on the fence, counting your blessings may help cheer you up. "May".

But think about it: one of the primary tasks of your mind is to solve problems. Your problems.
"Will I ever get a good girlfriend or am I doomed to loneliness?"
"What am I doing with my life?"
"Am I happy? Can I be happier? What could I be doing different?"
...ad infinitum...
What good is a mind that thinks about what is going right? From the point of view of a highly efficient mind, that time could be better spent solving problems (instead of thinking 'wow I am in heaven' all the time). Hence the tendency of the mind to dwell on problems. If you solve certain problems, mind moves on to worry about another set of problems. Inefficient minds of inefficient people, on the other hand, will be happier by definition. But, if the purpose of life is to be happy, then this 'highly efficient' approach is totally inefficient, right?

So I thought of a small list. I don't know what your blessings are - but I do know what your curses are not (probably).

Here goes. Read forth and feel better!
  1. (If you are a guy) You didn't walk into the bar that Marsellus Wallace did.
  2. (If you are unmarried) Your SO didn't cheat on you with your best friend.
  3. (If you are a girl) No worry about getting it caught in the zipper.
  4. (If you are blind) You won't have a reason to yell "Don't you have anything better to do?" at me
If you are still down, Ugh 2 Yay might pull you back up. May be not yet - it is still 'under development' - but soon.

Until then, may be you can watch Demetri Martin. ('awesome' is the word)

Jun 11, 2007


Priya passed away on 26th April. I came to know of it only on 19th May, when her cousin emailed me. Past month has been the toughest in life I think. Everyone has been extremely supportive.

For obvious reasons, I am unable to go into details about how I feel. I can tell you that my perception of the world has been completely changed. I feel weird.

Writing helps me. I've been doing it offline for a bit. With this post, I am resuming blogging.