Aug 22, 2007

Update: Seinfeld Chain

My "Start Up Efforts" Seinfeld-chain so far:
Thing of beauty, isn't it? It is working out great for me.
(My related post)

Aug 15, 2007

Start Up Efforts

Seinfeld chain is working great for me. You can view my chain here: Start Up Efforts. (The link will also tell you what a Seinfeld chain is)

I am keeping a journal of what I do each day to earn the X. I thought about making that public but I am not going to. I just send an email (reply) with the subject 'Seinfeld Chain:Start Up Efforts' everyday. Gmail keeps these emails together as a single thread.

This productivity hack works, because it is so simple. Try it.

Aug 13, 2007

Hide Ads On Reddit

Ads displayed on Reddit are flashy. They call out to the colleagues walking by my cube. I don't have the luxury of AdBlock as I am forced to use Internet Explorer at work.

So, I use this to get rid of the offending ad:


You can either copy-paste the code to the address bar when you are at Reddit website or (better) install it as a bookmarklet.

Use 'open links in new window' in you Reddit prefs, so that you won't go crazy copy-pasting this code. It still sucks to check comments. Any ideas?

Aug 5, 2007

Comes Back To Bite You In The...

#1 reason people don't blog is that they don't want to go on record on anything and be embarrassed later. "I'll have kids some day and they'll grow up and read my blog post that compares and contrasts the rear end of Jessica Simpson and Beyonce". They think their blog posts will become their Clinton letters.

I don't think that a life time of carefully guarded gray image of yourself is what we need. It is very liberating if you speak your mind and let the chips fall where they may. I hate the grayness imposed on you in the name of "responsibility" (for your future self / kids / "society").

Conservatives make me want to throw up anyway. They might as well mummify themselves. The God that these guys so strongly believe in will shake his head and tell them "what a dull barren life you have led! what a fucking waste! I created the cows and the sheep to be conservative. Why the hell did I give you humans a large frontal lobe?". But that doesn't matter as there mostly likely is no God and these guys are going to live their boring conservative lives and die and become dust. Problem occurs only when they try to impose their lifestyle on the rest of us.

With blogs being so prevalent and Google being so thorough, I think it will soon become socially acceptable to have said whatever in your past life coz everyone would have said whatever themselves.

Few thought provoking essays on the topic:
You Should Write Blogs - Steve Yegge
What You Can't Say - Paul Graham
... End Of Leadership? - Dave Pollard

Manikantan left such an great comment that I have to include it in this post itself:
Point taken.

I read somewhere that the only best thing we can teach our kids are the mistakes we have done in our life and assure them that it Ok to make mistakes and still have a good life learning from it.

Creativity is nothing but mistakes/weird stuff that get appreciated later.

Aug 3, 2007

FrznSpot - Tool Idea

Idea: A program that automates the steps involved in MAC address spoofing to access a restricted wireless hotspot.

Simple Explanation: Wireless hotspots like in Starbucks charge you a hefty fee. They identify the computers using a number called the MAC address. This address can be changed with software. If you change your computer's address to an address already let through by the hotspot, you will be let through too.

Warning: The software I am talking about is for use in your own hotspots only - like in your home. Using it in places where you have to pay for wireless (like some airports) may be illegal. (Whats the point then, you ask? I can't answer that. For me, this is just a possible cool tool. I am not trying to break the law.)

The program must run on Windows. Linux users are savvy enough to spoof their way in anyway! The main requirement is that the user should not have to do anything other than execute the program. All the spoofing programs out there now assume that the user is a computer expert. This is not good :-)

In my opinion, spoofing MAC address is a long hit-or-miss process. A program should do all the hard work of hunt, try and repeat. It should scan the environment for active addresses and try each until it succeeds to connect to the internet.

Right now I don't know where to start and what to do. Let me explore further. This seems very interesting and I think lots of people will be interested in such a tool.

If you know of a tool that already does this, please let me know asap.

Want free Internet? Heres how...

To Explore Further:
Rand MAC Addr GenGPL, OS Portable, C
MACSpoofGPL, WinXP, ?
SMacI love the name ;-)
HOWTO(using ifconfig)

Blogger Labels Bug

If you are using Google's Blogger and having issues with labels (tags), this might help. This is a solution to remove the undead labels, ie. the labels that don't go away even if there are no posts currently with that label.

The bug annoyed the hell out of me, let me tell you. I searched the internet far and wide and wasted hours on this which I could have wasted on other things.

Thought Upgrade?

I bought these books on Tim's recommendation:
  • Simple & Direct -- Jacques Barzun
  • On Writing Well -- William K. Zinsser
  • The Elements of Style -- William Strunk Jr. & E.B. White
"Clear Thinking And Problem Solving". How better can the promised reward get? I am looking forward to reading these books.

See his post for more details.