Jan 8, 2008

Inequality Of Time

Bad News: Higher Income = Less Leisure Time? The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss:

... a certain class of pundits and politicians are quick to see any increase in income inequality as a problem that needs fixing—usually through some form of redistributive taxation. Applying the same philosophy to leisure, you could conclude that something must be done to reverse the trends of the past 40 years—say, by rounding up all those folks with extra time on their hands and putting them to (unpaid) work in the kitchens of their “less fortunate” neighbors. If you think it’s OK to redistribute income but repellent to redistribute leisure, you might want to ask yourself what—if anything—is the fundamental difference.

From economist Steven Landsburg
Hmmm... Thought provoking...

Jan 3, 2008

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  • Fixed Annoyance: Google Toolbar Bookmark In Ubuntu Gutsy
  • Read Beginning Python [APress]
    • Closures
    • Collecting Parameters
    • Unpacking Arguments
  • Read few pages of 'The Little Schemer'

New Year Gift From Our Rich Uncle Mike

We went to the Space Needle to watch the new year fireworks. There were some hiccups. They had to ditch the computer and do it manually. Can you guess which operating system that computer was running?

It was priceless to watch. One lady standing near me yelled "Come on Seattle! We are on national television!!" I hope 2009 fireworks will be triggered using a Linux machine (preferably Debian-Stable)

New Year Gift From Me: 'Seasons of Love' from the movie Rent