Jun 15, 2008

The Amusement Ride Ahead

I love to build things. But I hate certain annoying characteristics of the real world. If I were to sculpt a cool looking statue of Venus, a one second lapse in concentration can end up ruining days of work. Attempts at correcting lopsided breasts of Venus result in smaller ones on each iteration.

It is sad that most of the programming methods used in corporations are as inflexible as sculpting.

I am lucky in my current job that I am a team-of-one for the tools I have to code. I interact with many but code in isolation. Freedom to do your work your way is the best perk, I suppose. For instance, no one forces me to code in Java.

Corporate inflexibility is brought in using seemingly benevolent requirements such as "coding standards", "detailed design documents" and "best practices".

Apart from such procedural inflexibilities, there are, of course, other issues. People.

"Happy Coding" can scale to bigger programming teams too. But it requires the absence of control freaks, credit leeches, fragile egos, passive aggressive types and various other corporate scum. Obviously, bigger the coding team, more likely is the presence of these well-poisoners.

I perhaps used up all my luck. My co-workers are all great... even the "worst" ones are harmless. However, losing my current job is now imminent. I've defied fate in the past. I came here for a three month consulting gig and have lasted five years - still as a consultant! Pretty much unheard of, everyone says. Powers-that-be liked my work and kept me. But the mega-corp itself was recently sold for half a dozen billions to another mega-corp. A firm tug on the carpet is expected at any moment now.

What are the odds of landing another job with ideal working conditions and relaxed co-workers? Yes, you guessed it right in one try!

Financial independence is the best way to insulate yourself from having to deal with douche bags. With this in mind, I've saved up rather aggressively and haven't signed up for the modern day indentured servitude called the 30 year mortgage. But the real 'fuck you' money would be from success of the startup.

I don't want to work with teams sculpting programs. I don't want to work with teams doing high school reenactments. So I have to make my startup succeed. I am working on it.

[Credit : Title from 'Just For Fun']