Aug 9, 2009

Enjoyed MIT 8.02 Lecture 1. I wonder why electron and proton have the exact same charge. Of course, "fundamental charge" and what not, but that "explanation" doesn't explain anything. Also, what happens when an electron collides with a proton? I guess all the answers are on the internet and I just need to search around. Also I read that neutron decays into proton, electron and neutrino. I am now going to have lunch at Gainsbourg restaurant which is near my apartment, since UrbanSpoon rates it very high. [Update : I liked the food. I liked the place even more.]

Aug 8, 2009

Art Supplies

I went to a traditional art store today. We used to buy from that place when my sister and I took drawing lessons long ago. We bought supplies there out of last minute necessity and we didn't buy much anyway. I wanted to buy some water colors to try. Yowww isn't that place a rip off! Sure it is awesome to look around and everything but the prices are crazy to me. Definitely not affordable to the stereotypical 'starving artist'. I bought just a small drawing set which had sketching supplies (graphite, charcoal, sanguine etc). Amazon seems to be a far cheaper place for water colors. I'll be buying from them. I wonder where real artists buy their supplies.


I am learning. I drew it seeing the pic. Settled down at about 9:15 and drew for an hour. Next time, something less negative-spacey.